Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tribute to an Advertising Agency

I am not much of a TV watcher but when I do I usually enjoy the commercials more than the programs. You might have noticed that occasionally I will take the title for one of my photographs from a commercial. I know I have previously posted this photograph but I decided to do a different processing and to give it a title.

Currently Progressive Insurance is running an ad for their snapshot program—a black box type device that plugs into your car to record your driving habits for monitoring by the insurance company. This is supposedly to reduce your insurance rates. It is a little too Big Brother for my taste. Anyway, Flo is hiding in the shadows. She steps out to confront two young men that are passing by in order to temp them to give snapshot a try by using the age old female tactic—"if you’re not afraid to" line. Nothing works better with men than threatening their masculinity so one doesn't actually acquiesce but he hesitates. She tosses the snapshot device to the hesitant one and then steps back toward the shadows. One of the men says, “You know we can still see you.” She, replies “No you can’t.” and he comes back with “Oh yes, I’m pretty sure we can.”

Every time I look at this photograph I think of the dialogue from the commercial so I decided to go for it.

Disclaimer: Progressive is the very last insurance I would even consider buying, ever! But I do like think that some of their commercials are pretty clever. So even though I don’t think much of the company I do admire good writing making this is a tribute to a advertising agency, not an insurance company. Just wanted to be very, very clear about that.

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