Monday, April 23, 2012

To the Beach to Play...

Well, today I went back to the beach to play. Well, it wasn’t the Galveston beach but a couple of county parks near Kemah. We first went to the Kemah Boardwalk. The idea was to incorporate the rides and attractions into the photographs. The light was so bad that I took very few photographs, none of which you can tell were taken on the boardwalk. Outside of the fact that I shot a few sailboats in the channel the rest might as well have been shot in Houston.

I generally try to avoid the younger models but today few older models showed up so I did a very short session with the Goodman children. With my ability to retain names I am embarrassed to say I cannot name but one of the four and I am not sure which one that is. Old people do that you know. Interestingly they all have very different personalities which makes for interesting photographs.

After the boardwalk we moved to one of the beaches but again the light was really bad. I got a brief but very productive session with the only male model that showed up. Generally the male models don’t get much notice until they take their shirts off so I was pleased to get a chance before everyone else arrived. Carl’s prop for the day was a stogie so I tried to make the best of it. I really wasn’t interested in shooting a thirteen year old in a bikini so I shot a few photos of Anastasia, none of which were very good, a head shot or two of Melody and a few candids of the Goodman girls. The light was not very inspiring—neither were the photographs.

I wanted to get back into familiar territory before night fall so as I frequently do, I left early. I am sure the light and the photographs improved closer to sunset.

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