Monday, April 30, 2012

More of Alcy's Photographs

Some of my favorites from Alcy's abstracts...

ADDENDUM: I greatly enjoyed the way that Alcy incorporated alphabetic characters and the ampersand logogram into her abstract photographs. It didn’t dawn on me until later when we were discussing the photographs that one of her passions is calligraphy. Now it makes perfect sense to me why she photographed what she did and that she photographed it as well as she did. Me of all people, with my constant harping on the connection between the photographer and their choice of subject matter, I should have been looking for that connection, but to my chagrin, I didn’t. Bad Woodard.

Favorite sunset photos...

ADDENDUM: I came back from the trip to Orange with a large number of photographs that I like. However, this photograph, Day's End, may be my single most favorite photograph of all that both Alcy and I took on that trip. It is a perfect photograph in every way. The darkness of the clouds, the amount of warmth contrasted with the blues and to really top it off the bird flying out of the frame--absolutely perfect. I wish I had taken it, but I didn't. Alcy will most likely say that it was sheer luck, maybe even a fluke. That doesn't matter. When a photograph this well done is created the how doesn't matter. All that matters is that the photograph exists.


  1. Thanks for sharing some of her abstracts. They are all good but my favorites are #'s 1 and 2!! Looks like my friend Gary is not the only one who has been having some "good photo days" lately! Thanks for sharing both yours and Alcy's work. It's always fun to see what you are up to, photographically speaking. :)

  2. Jan, thank you. I told her that she was hanging out with me way too much when I saw her phots from the Orange trip. I am partial to #3, the ampersand. That was shot in Beaumont and I didn't see it. The first one, which I also like was shot at Mercer Arboretum when I wasn't around. She's giving me a run for the money.