Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alcy's Photographs from the Orange Trip

A friend, Jan Ward, asked if I could get Alcy’s permission to post some of her photos to my blog since I am always making references to her. Of course Alcy agreed. She said she would love any feedback.

A little history: Alcy is a member of the Northwest Houston Photo Club. Her job allows her to be off during the week which is great for me since I frequently have photoshoots on the weekends. Now the strange part is that Alcy is as from Rhode Island and as you might guess, a liberal Democrat and as Northeastern Yankee as they come. The big mystery to me is why she has anything at all to do with a church mouse poor,  dyed in the wool and very outspoken Conservative Republican from the cheapseats who hasn’t held an honest job in over seven years—oh, I forgot, and Redneck to the core and I own a gun which I sleep with. Especially since I had to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the way to Orange. Fortunately they had a sub for Michael Savage so I could forgo listening to Michael on the way back.

She is has recently switched from Canon to Nikon, although she is not fully in recovery since she still carries that %##@ Canon and switches back and forth. This may require a major intervention. She is also a flower photographer—and you know how I feel about flower photographers. My one commitment is to convince her to try something else—although she is always wanting to go to one botanical garden or another and for the life of me I don’t understand why but I tag along—and heaven forbid, I shoot flower pictures. However in Beaumont she did some remarkable abstracts, even some that I did not see. Now I couldn’t get her to try her hand at discarded clothing but she did point out a couple for me to shoot. I will say that she did shoot dead things at the beach a week or so ago and every once in a while she sneaks in a sidewalk crack or two, so I am seeing potential in the girl.

Okay, we have a great time together and I’m a darn funny person to be around so we’ll probably be making other photoshoots. I think I wrote about the two women at the cafe in Conroe that mentioned that it was really great to see an elderly married couple enjoying themselves so much. We explained that the reason we were enjoying ourselves so much was because we were not married.

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  1. Wow, that was quick! I really enjoyed seeing Alcy's work - even if she is a Cannonite liberal democrat. I'll try not to hold that against her. And fyi, I don't listen to Michael Savage nor do I sleep with a gun but I always vote for the most conservative candidate.

    But regarding her photos - please tell her that I am downright envious of the agapanthus (with bokeh). It is probably my favorite flower to shoot. Hers is one of the best I've ever seen of this particular flower.

    I have hundreds of agapanthus images on my computer and no two are alike. The buds/blooms are everchanging (you can get an interesting but different shot every day) and no matter what stage of opening, they all have drama. And I might add that they are not the easiest flower to shoot.

    I also love the back lighting on the cows. Awesome!

    If you've already got her shooting dead things and she's got you shooting flowers, it sounds like you have the makings of a real friendship. If you can just steer clear of discussing politics (this would include making her listen to Rush), I predict you'll have many more enjoyable photo outings. :)