Monday, April 16, 2012

More Galveston

I shot a lot of things in Galveston other than dead fish and tennis shoes, way too many to post. I do not consider myself a "nature" photographer but if flowers is all I can get, flowers it is. Or in the case of waiting for everyone to board the Colonel it was gulls. I have tried doing gulls in the past, usually without much success but surprisingly I got a dozen or so that I thought were probably good enough to keep--much, much better than I usually do. There wasn't much of a variety. I think all that I saw this trip were Laughing Gulls. Alcy and I are going back to Galveston Wednesday so I may try shooting some from the ferry. I want to go back to Bolivar and reshoot the dead fish using a tripod this time. The dead dolphin was pretty pungent last Saturday so I am expecting it to be pretty ripe by Wednesday. That should be fun, or not.

As I have been doing lately I tried to get a few shots that would possibly qualify for the up coming NWHPC assigned competition on Lines. Although I may not enter the competition I generally try to shoot as though I will. I may have entered two or three of the monthly competitions last year and only one so far this year. Even if I don't enter the competition I can still show some of my photographs on the Meet Up web site.

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