Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abrupt Change of Plans

Somehow, at 5am before I had my second cup of coffee, the trip to Galveston to shoot dead things turned into a trip to Richmond where I didn’t find any dead things at all. Couldn’t even find a descent alligator. But that’s okay. I have been wanting to get back to George Ranch Historical Park to shoot a particular house for a long time. We got there before it opened and stayed until it closed and only was able to make one circle—I really wanted to make at least two, but that’s for another day. I had a camera and it didn’t matter whether it was Galveston or Timbuktu, I was going to find something to photograph.

The only adult alligator we saw all day was about sixty or seventy yards down the creek. The 200mm wasn't adaquate to get anything more that what might appear to be a floating log, so I settled for the power plant.

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