Friday, April 13, 2012

Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli Lollipop POP

You know things are good when you get a lollipop at the bank!

 Since we are only two days away from April 15th I thought it might be time to work on taxes. All was going well until I discovered that I had lost the 1099 from my IRA distribution so I had to go to the bank. That took an hour because for some reason they did not make a distribution, which is why I did not have a 1099. Silly me, I thought I misplaced it. Anyway got that straightened out. Since they wanted a fee for a wire transfer to my savings account I took a check which meant that I had to drive to another bank. That was okay because we are leaving at 5am in the morning to photograph the sunrise in Galveston and I needed some money anyway. When I had the distribution deposited and received my cash the girl asked if there was anything else she could do for me I thanked her and said that was everything. That’s when she asked if I would like a lollipop. Well, it may have been a couple of years since I had a lollipop or maybe a couple of dozen years—don’t remember the last one, so I said to myself, why not?

Got a nice purple, grape flavored one. I may just start asking for lollipops in the future.

Actually, since I had to put pants on anyway I decided to start the day by going to Denny’s for breakfast but there I discovered that I had forgotten my pen. I don’t like going anywhere without my pen so after breakfast I drove back to the house to retrieve it. Then I got probably two thirds of the way to the bank when I realized that I had not brought the paperwork that I was likely to need so I returned to the house to retrieve that. Then I wasn’t real happy when I discovered that they had not done a distribution (although it worked out that there I was getting better interest than I was on my savings so I can’t complain too loudly.) Then I have to drive back almost to home to deposit the check—so the lollipop was a real welcome change of pace.

The lollipop perked me up so much that I decided to do two projects. One, I photograph the angels at Glenwood Cemetery frequently and I decided that I want to do documentary photos of the angels with some identification as to what plot they are in. Everyone knows the Hill angel but I have no idea on the rest. The second project was to complete the photos I recently took at the Houston Garden Center. I photographed enough of the plaques to get the names of the people represented but afterwards I decided that I want to record the entire inscriptions. Now I have probably done that two, maybe three times in the past but then I would have to go back and look them up. Well, I did Glenwood but it took almost all afternoon—Glenwood is a big place and there are lots of angels. Actually today I found some that I had never seen before and there is still a section or two in the newer area that I did not get done because they close at five.

It's downright amazing what can be done when you put on pants and get a lollipop!

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