Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wildflower Scouting Trip

Debi, Alcy and I started out with breakfast at the Unknown Mexican Restaurant in Waller at 7am. The idea was to head toward Brenham and Independence to scout out wildflowers for the annual NWHPC outing. We found a very limited amount of bluebonnets however we never made it to Independence.

We got side tracked in Chapel Hill. While Alcy and Debi were shooting flowers in the yard of one of the residents I wandered over to the other side of town to shoot a No Antiques sign I had seen as we drove in. I got lost from them but ran into to Clayton Gardinier who was taking his daughter out to see bluebonnets before she flew back home. He was alone as his wife was driving the daughter to the airport. We found Alcy and Debi in the back yard of Clay Parker’s home. Clay had driven up while they were shooting some barns his wife had purchased and moved onto their property. Clay invited everyone in to see the interior of their home. While everyone else toured the house I went back to photograph the barns.

Some how we got lost leaving Chapel and ended up headed for Navasota rather than Independence. It worked out well as we found a few patches of wildflowers and beside Navasota is one of my favorite places to photograph. We stopped again at the Corner CafĂ© where we had eaten after shooting the Texas Independence celebration at Washington on the Brazos last year. The owner is still the waiter and he still doesn’t write down the orders. However this time all four orders were correct. Afterwards we spent two or three hours walking around town doing photographs. We will be going back to Navasota with the club in April. Brad Stafford, the city manager is getting us into a few private places that sound like fun and his wife, Ann, is going to open the Miller Theatre so we can photograph in side. Looking forward to it. The merchants in Navasota are very photographer friendly.

Anyway, it was a long day considering that I never did go to sleep last night. Should be in bed right now because I have got another photoshoot tomorrow afternoon up in the Woodlands. But I want to get a few of the photos posted. Yes, I know that putting frames around the photos is cheesy but sometime I just like to do that.

The No Antiques Store in Chapel Hill
The Parker's Home in Chapel Hill

An Iris and an Out Building in the Parker's Back Yard

A Rose Bud Along by the Parker's Drivway

A Yellow Flower Somewhere

Farm Buildings Across the Road from a Field of Bluebonnetsw

The County Provides for All the Wildflower Hunter's Needs

A Tree I Liked

Clayton Suggested "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music"

Debi in Her St Patrick's Green Shirt

Clayton Shooting a Tree Thas Was Full of Fuzzy Orange Balls

Alcy With Her New Nikon

A Sign in Navasota

A Textured Wall

The CSX Barrels Through Navasota

A Sign That I Found Juxtapositioned Interestingly

Farmer's Market in Navasota

Stairs and Pipes

Church Steps