Sunday, January 8, 2012


Heading Home--No, I'm Not Driving


  1. Gary these are wonderful. Love the green one with the window. There is so much to like about all these images. You just keep getting better and better my friend. It looks as though you are shedding your cocoon!

  2. Bekkie, thank you very much. The only reason I got any descent photographs at all is because I went with Debi. Personally, I would have probably honored the No Trespassing signs and stayed outside the perimeter. She knows no such timidity and I am silly enough to follow. LOL I convinced myself that since there was no Posted sign on the perimeter, only on the individual buildings that the No Trespassing applied only to the buildings, which I respected.

    I do believe that my photography is becoming better to which I credit: digital, increased shooting, and lots of reading. I just wish that I could make a total break from the camera club mentality and actually make my photography more personal than it is. I still photograph way too much that is of minimal value and way to little of what is really important. I used to fill that void with photographs of Janet but I no longer have that release. Little of my photographic philosophy has changed—maybe it has been strengthened, I am even more adamant that it is the right philosophy for me, so I have not wavered. I am still desperately searching for someone that it can be shared with that seems to have a similar understanding. But there it seems the world and I are still going in opposite directions.

    Camera clubs, internet forums, they both grate on me. I see what people getting into photograph are being taught is photography and I know that one day they are going to be seventy-two and look back at all they wasted. I thought for a while that it was too late for me but maybe, just maybe I could crack a door—I can’t. That makes me very sad as well as very angry.

    As far as my cocoon. I have spent a quarter of a century being very, very angry with the world--that doesn't seem to be changing much. I’m not sure that I am any more angry with the world than I am with myself for succumbing to the world—of course, I am talking photographically—the rest of the world matters very little to me. Actually it may be getting worse. The more I come out of my cocoon the more friends I alienate. I am actually becoming even less tolerant, less willing to suffer fools, less convinced that I need to. So I'm not sure that crawling out is all that advantageous. Truthfully, I am not sure how far out I’ve crawled. Every day it seems more difficult than the last to leave the house. Or maybe that’s not what you meant.