Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bored Beyond Belief

I was supposed to go on a photoshoot with NWHPC to the Katy Prairie. Even got up early to do a washing so I would have clean jeans. We were to meet at the Ranchito Taqueria iin Waller at 1:30pm. I was messing around on the computer and felt a little hungry so I went to the kitchen and noticed that it was 1:13pm. Waller if you count getting bathed, shaved and dressed is well over an hour away. So now I sit here bored out of my skull.


  1. These are very impressive!! How are there no comments. Great job.

  2. EF, here is my conclusion, as I get very few comments—I must confuse people; they have no idea what to say. Hey, I confuse me. It is either that or they have all determined that I am so damn egotistical that any negative comments would crush me to a pulp. And they might even be right; well they are about the egotistical part, just not sure about the crushing part.

    I’m pleased that you commented. This is just what old people do when they are bored. NWHPC has an assigned category for February of Self Portrait—with an interesting comment. Clayton, the new competition chair describes the assignment as “how you see yourself” not “as you look.” Of course this is right up my alley so I have a whole bunch of ideas, wish I had a pair of overalls and and a straw hat then I could go for the cornpone country part or a roll of cheesecloth and I could go for wrapped too tightly. On such short notice I just went for the dark part. Just sorry I can only enter two because I could play with this for a long time. Thanks again for the comment.