Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antique Store on FM1960

Alcy had an antique store on FM1960 that she suggested for a photoshoot. We asked the owner and she had no objections for we wandered around for an hour or so. There are two interesting things about shooting in antique stores. First someone sets up the displays in a fashion which they hope will have some appeal to the customers so your table tops are just waiting to be shot. Second, is the incongruity. I especially like the photographs of the candelabra and the traffic light. The one thing that I missed was the religious artifacts that most antique stores have. Otherwise it was a fun shoot. As to not intimidate the shop owner I left the Nikon in the car and shot everything with the Samsung.

The February Assigned Category for the competition is Self Portrait. So we spent a little time doing that while we were in the antique store. Some how it seemed appropriate to photograph ourselves as being a part of the antiques on display--sorry Alcy, I just meant me.

Alcy Doing a Self Portrait in the Wardrobe Mirror
Self Among the Other Antiques
Self Among the Other Antiques No. 2
Future Self Praying for a Fire Extinguisher
Not Really Sure If This Is Me Or Not


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