Monday, December 26, 2011

More Photos from the Empty Streets of Houston

George Bush Overlooks a Very Foggy Houston
Mel Chin’s Seven Wonders and Worthen Center from the Bayou Walk in Sesquicentennial Park
One of Houston's Many Downtown Water Features
From Another Angle
The Theatre District, Jones Hall and The Republic Bank Building
Miro’s Personage With Birds with J P Morgan Chase Building
Personage With Birds and the Pennzoil Building
David Adickes' Virtuoso
Texas Avenue Street Light and the Republic Bank Building
Street Light on the Congress Street Bridge Over Buffalo Bayou
Sometimes I Shoot Up, Sometimes I Shoot Down
More Shooting Down


  1. over-the-top favorite - Texas Avenue Street Light and the Republic Bank Building. also the second to last (looking down) shot. you got extra lucky with the empty streets AND the fog!

  2. Jan, thank you. The Texas/Republic Bank shot has been processed in Nik Color Efex Pro--trying it out to see if it is going to be a self given Christmas gift. Looking positive at the present since they have a 15% discoung this month. There were a few, very few cars downtown and almost no people. Even the homeless were hiding from the cold and the mist. At one point I looked at the front surface of the lens and wondered if I could really take photos through all the wster drops. Everytime I do that I remember the time you and I were shooting David Bahn and you questioned if I was going to use a lens that dirty. A habit I picked up because of Janet--she hated it when I cleaned my lenses because she didn't think I was careful enough. So I procrastinated as long as possible--still do.

  3. Wow, these are great Gary. I wish we had a cemetery that was photogenic. Love your angel images! I imagine the dusty lenses added some texture to the photos!

  4. Glenwood is where all of Houston's big money is buried. Howard Hughes is buried there and the actress Gene Tierny (sp?). Debi and I were talking and the new angel and the plot cost I am sure much more than I have spent on all the houses that I have ever owned. It's on a hillside with a wall with columns and arches behind what almost appears to be above grown burial valts. There is a long staircase with hand railing that was much more than any years income I ever had. Darn ostentatious. But, let them have their fun--they just create more photo ops for us poor fo'k.