Monday, December 26, 2011

After the Empty Streets

Our second shooting location was Glenwood Cemetery. No matter how many times you photograph at Glenwood—even photographing the same pieces over and over—you will always come away with new and different photographs. Yesterday it had been misting and Glenwood seemed like an ideal spot. Unfortunately I gave Debi a tour of several of the cemeteries in the vicinity of Glenwood and by the time we got there the mist had gone away. So these photographs do not have the cemetery ambiance I would have preferred but surprisingly I was able to get photograph of many of the pieces that are located on high pedestals—something that is usually very difficult to do. The overcast seemed to really enhance the brilliance of the colors—or maybe it was just me. We walked an old man’s legs off but had a great time—even found new pieces that we had never photographed before.

I have shot this piece of the fireman dozens of times and never got a photograph that I would show anyone. I told Debi that it was "today or never." Fortunately it was "today."

Hill Angel, Shot with the Samsung and Processed in Nik Color Efex Pro
Hill Angel
At a cemetery full of beautifully sculpted angels, the Hill Angel has pretty much ruled all these years. Over the years many well done angels have come along but none have been able to usurp it’s beauty and poignancy. I never shoot at Glenwood without photographing the Hill Angel.

That may be changing, at least some competition is on the horizon. A new angel, smooth, unweatherd with sharply chiseled features has just arrived—not even installed on it’s base yet. Unfortunately I got so engrossed in photographing the piece that I did not even notice the family name. These shots will always be unique because when the installation is complete it will be in a different position. Looking forward to going back then.

Some new shots of old pieces.


A Samsung Closeup


  1. GORGEOUS!!! ALL OF THEM!!!! Hill Angel probably my favs but love the close ups of the newly chiseled angel yet to be placed. Also have not seen the one with the copper runs (or whatever they are) - awesome!!! Some day I'd like to do exactly what you did and go to Glenwood in the fog. LOVE the one with the fall colors in the back. Red letter day is right!!!!

  2. Thank you, Jan. I always enjoy Glenwood and no matter how many times I go I always come back with different photographs.

  3. I know posted here before but don't see it now! Humpf.... anyway, what I said was similar to what Jan said! Wish we had a cemetery like that around here!

  4. Jan, there is something about the new angel that is disturbing. Maybe it is the lack of aging but it appears cast rather than sculpted. I love the movement in the garments but it just doesn’t have much personality. I hope that time and weathering will give it a better ambiance. Even from the back the one with the red leaves in the background (on top of the Henke mausoleum) shows so much despair, sadness, and the eyes on the one below the Henke mausoleum burn into you core. It is one of the great things about photographing works of art—the sculptor has already done all the heavy lifting—all I have to do is to capture it. The bronze one is the Sharp Angel located very near the entrance—take a right and stay to the outside drive. It is at the first left bend down a slight embankment. It’s not large but there is a colonnade with trellis behind it which it fairly large and easy to spot.

    You might be interested in a piece on photographing in cemeteries that I did for Bekkie. I’m not sure I have posted the link on the blog. I threw it together pretty rapidly and you know my lack of proof reading talent.