Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Doldrums...

 As much as I enjoy playing with the Samsung, eating out by myself is the pits. After driving around for an hour trying to decide where to stop I went to Denny’s and had a sundae. Then I got lost coming home which I frequently do when I get on the west side of town. Decided the sundae wasn’t enough so I stopped at Burger Bobs and got a carry out to take home. Maybe when the weather cools off I will try cooking again. But then again I might not.

I got on Little York by mistake but staying on it seemed the shortest way home. Drove by a carwash and out front was the most unusual automobile. It was pimped out to the max. I think it might have been an older model Lincoln convertable. The headlights were surrounded by circular purple lighted rings, three of so around each light. They appeared to stand out making the headlight look like they were inset into the fender—may have been. I wanted to stop and photograph it but it was dark. It is probably not a good idea for an old white dude, even if he is packing to be wandering around Acers Homes after dark, especially for the purpose of approaching someone in a pimpmobile. Of course, I am not sure whether it was actually good sense that prevented me from stopping or if it was simply the lethargy that takes over when I don’t have a photoshoot scheduled.

My neighbor on the south moved out and I miss them. He was the typical twenty-something heavily tattooed gang member with no visible means of support but they were great neighbors. It was like being under the protection of a godfather. With Rapheal next door I knew that nothing bad was going to happen at my house. I always slept better when I could hear someone in their backyard and there was almost always someone in their backyard during the night. I am always apprehensive about who will be moving in next. Just hope they are as considerate and quiet.

Last night was great. Mary came back to Houston for a friend's wedding and we went out to Pappas Seafood. Janet loved Pappas but the last time I took her she didn't seem to even realize where we were so we never went back. I had forgotten how much I loved oysters. At Pappas the oysters are always good. I came home miserably stuffed but so content. 

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