Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blurb Book--Table for One

For those of you who do not know this already, I think I am pretty tough stuff when it comes to photography. I do feign modesty but it is clearly false modesty. Of course, that's today. Tomorrow with every bit as much conviction I will think that I stink. As Emerson says, "Say today in harsh words what you think today even though it contradicts everything you said yesterday."

I have posted numerous photographs from my Table for One Portfolio Challenge project. I may have mentioned that I plan on doing a coffee table book, possibly in November when the project will be one year old--or I may wait until the project runs its course which I feel certain will be well into the future. I am just enjoying it too much to quit right now. Eventually a new project will over shadow it and it will end. Anyway, for the Challenge review I decided to put together a mock up of the coffee table book in a 7" square. I received my copy today. One more run thorough and my head will not fit through a 36" doorway. I am extremely pleased. I feel certain that I posted a link to the Blurb book to the blog but I noticed tonight that the book was still marked private on the Blurb website so in case I didn't I am going to mention it again. www/ and search for GW-Images.

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