Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monterey, Little Mexico

I have read recently that one of the primary reasons that photographs fail is clutter, EXCEPT (always an exception) when there is order to the clutter. I am not exactly sure that I understand how to find order in clutter but I have enjoyed giving it a try lately. I am trying to decide if there is anything in this photograph that should not be there. There are a number of repeating similar shapes, the columns, the paper towels, the salt shaker and the water glass. There is considerable imbalance with the right third almost featureless but is it dark enough to counterweigh the color and detail on the left. To me they are interesting questions. I am having a ball taking photographs when I go out to eat. It's a great place to work on order in clutter. Yeah, I know, it is dark, very dark. There is at least one surprise in the photograph, a simple detail of the couple buried within the clutter, but the question is will it hold attention long enough for the viewer to find it. I'm thinking that it's a pretty good photograph with the jury still out. For the present I am happy with it.

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