Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to Denny's

We had some pretty nice clouds around five o'clock when I got this bright idea. I was in hopes that we would have an interesting sunset and I wanted to see if I could find when the light inside and the light outside balanced. It it at almost exactly sunset so the next time we have an interesting sunset I know where to be and when. Not saying that I am not pleased with the shot that I got but maybe one table back from where I was.

I continued shooting through the blue hour until the sky went completely black.

I am doing a monthly book review for the NWHPC newsletter through the end of the year. I have already got all of them written but I received a new book today, The Passionate Photographer. I thought I might replace one of the ones that are already done. So I would read for awhile then shoot for a while. I think there might be some interesting shots from here when cars are entering and leaving the parking area--will work on that.

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