Friday, July 22, 2011


Went to a studio and got a portrait done this morning for the book on Woodville. It was a benefit for two young boys that lost their parents in a car crash. Both are paralyzed from the waist down. I was a little disappointed in the small number of people that showed up but the photographer is talking about doing it again with more advanced notice.

Afterwards I went to Denny’s for coffee and to work on the book review I am writing for the September photo club newsletter. They haven’t published my August review yet so this new one may or may not go to print. They don’t take kindly to those that belittle the rule of thirds. LOL Hey, I’m just reporting what it says in the book.

Read the other day on the internet that those that drink five cups of coffee a day have a greatly reduced risk of Alzheimer’s—I’m hoping that carries over to senility since I could use a boost there for sure. Of course the ten to fifteen cups a day for the last thirty-five years while I was working should put me in good shape reserve wise.

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  1. One moment out of countless others. Chances are that it seems arbitrary. But to me, this moment here is a joyful insight into the world. I wander around in the scene and feel as it was my own scene. Thanks for this inspiration.