Thursday, July 21, 2011

Delta Downs

Delta Downs, Vinton, Louisiana
My Idea of Playing the Slots
A Racehorse??????
The neighbor lady took me over the state line this morning and all I got for it was a bright red tee-shirt and two free meals

She loves to play the slots but doesn’t like to go alone so I sprung for a fifteen buck roundtrip bus ticket to keep her company. I took along the book that I am going to review in the NWHPC August Newsletter to keep me busy while she gambled. Delta Downs gave me a tee-shirt since I was a first time caller plus ten bucks for lunch. Here's a gamble--I'd bet they're not anxious to see me come back. Since the neighbor came home with over $200 more than she went with she bought dinner when we got back to Houston—so financially speaking I made out like a bandit because I came home with exactly what I arrived with. Those things are way too complicated for me to figure out all the buttons.

I walked around and took a few photographs and will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about race horses but to me this looks much closer to a Clydesdale than it does to an Arabian.

 It was an interesting experience. The last time I was in a casino was in Virginia City during a two week stint with the Denver Marine Reserve Unit at Twenty Nine Palms. We were on the way to Reno but the bus broke down and we only made it to Virginia City.  At the time I was underage so I couldn't gamble. It seems by the time I got back to a casino I was overage to care. Sure is hard finding that right time balance in life.

Well, it got me out of the house.

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