Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buffalo Bayou

Spent most of the week working on the Hwy 287 research. This may be like a lot of projects and get put on the back burner but maybe it won’t. It is obvious that it is a much bigger project than I at first intended. Rather than a single drive it is going to require that I do some sections multiple times. The full day in Woodville worked out very well. Woodville is much smaller than I had remembered and most of the locations I planned on shooting were within walking distance of the motel—that is not often going to be the case.
Port Arthur will require two or three trips and to do any justice to Beaumont is going to require even more. Then you have the problems with weather and lighting. At Woodville I was able to shoot everything four times, very early morning, mid day, late afternoon and at and after sunset. I would like to be able to do that at all the major towns anyway.

Right now I am thinking of hitting Port Arthur, since it is fairly compact—note the word fairly. I want to shoot everything from the Dick Dowling sculpture at Sabine Pass to the Rainbow Bridge between Port Arthur and Bridge City and the almost deserted downtown area deserves at least three sessions under different lighting. Debi may go along and that always encourages me to work harder, do things that I might by myself just drive by. But before I go I have got to get the AC fixed in the car otherwise I wouldn’t be very presentable by the time I got there.

I only have one photoshoot planned this weekend and it is over with. The Photowalk group rented a pontoon boat for a trip down Buffalo Bayou from the Sabine Street Bridge to the Ship Channel. I didn’t take a lot of photos and had all of them processed and posted before I went to bed at 3am. Couldn’t sleep so here I am at 4:45am posting to the blog. Maybe I can make a drive downtown for some sunrise photos in an hour or so. That will give me more to process.

Loading up at the Sabine Street Landing
The landing at Allen's Landing
Just like Venice only with trees
Passing the Rhonda E on the way to the Ship Channel
Swinging Railroad Bridge
Meeting the Rhonda E on the way back from the Ship Channel
Approaching the Sabine Street Landing
Didn't see a single alligator the entire trip. I'm beginning to wonder if we really do have alligators.


  1. Hi.
    Nice pics you have. My favorite is that last one, nice angle and really nice looking place.