Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm in a Really Lousy Mood Tonight--Will Spending Money Cure It?

Have you ever wanted to the tell world just to go away, to say to heck with it--but with a considerably less tact, diplomacy. I will admit that I do not have a great deal of money but I really would like for it to go to someone that can use it rather than simply letting it go to the state as it will since I have no direct heirs. I've got a 401K, an IRA and a savings account all hanging out with no beneficiary. True most people would find it difficult to live on as little as I do but I have enough to provide food, shelter, a sufficient amount of entertainment and still a little left over each month. I’m not big on charities or dogooders, and get even less so by the day, Maybe it is simply time to start spending since I no longer need it to take care of Janet. Then again, maybe it is that I am just in a really, really lousy mood tonight.  I think I'll drive out to Carter's Country in the morning and push the button on that Ruger SP101 or possibly the GP100 and the 9mm LCP. I couldn't believe it. The Ruger Blackhawk 44 magnum that I paid $96 in 1959 is almost $1100 now. Glad that's not what I'm wanting. I havn't had a hand gun since I was in my twenties and it might be fun to get a concealed carry permit. I just might stop by Car Max on the way although I really did want to see if I could break my previous record of driving the same vehicle for seventeen years and I've got nine more to go. Then again it might be like the iPhone I was all cranked up about week before last. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


  1. I vote for the iphone and the car and the gun. You will enjoy the first two and you never know when a gun might come in handy these days.

  2. I will be more careful when asking if you want to go shoot something :o)

  3. The clay pigeon shoot in January made me realize that I enjoy the smell of burning gun powder. I took Marie out to the range a couple of weeks ago and got to looking at guns. My right hand is so crippled that I'm not sure I can handle a gun any longer but it seemed like at the time a fun thing to do again. No body wants my money, I might as well spend it.