Saturday, May 28, 2011

Confusing Day

I was up bright and early today. Stopped off at McDonald's for an egg and sausage biscuit (love 'em.) Got to Carter's Country an hour before my salesman showed up. Gave me a chance to browse all the accouterments that I will be coveting shortly--safety goggles, noise surpressers, gun safe, holster, cleaning supplies, laser sights--the list will be endless.

The SP101 seemed larger today. I was already concerned because it weighs 25 ounces. To begin with white boys have no butts then they get old and are all belly and absolutely no butt--I have hard enough time keeping my pants up without adding a extra pound and a half and that's without the five rounds of 357 mag ammo. The GP100 I wasn't thinking of as a conceal carry but it was way, way too big. I don't know what happened in the half century--don't you like the sound of that, half century--since I owned a hand gun but either I got way smaller or guns got way bigger. I can't believe the size of the Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag that I used to own. Heck, if you could just hit them with it there would never be any need to purchase bullets. Anyway, I decided to sleep on it again. Then on the way home I almost turned around to go back for the used GP100--nice gun and $200 off new price. But by the time I got home the SP101 was a couple of points ahead.

Then I got on Craig's List and found a small sailboat. I miss sailing almost as much as the smell of gun powder and I've been hanging out at CarMax. I think I'll just leave town for a few days and let it settle down. Michael will be back from Utah in a couple of days and maybe we can spend some time out at the range he uses in Tomball. I'd really like his input but right now nothing looks nearly as tempting as the SP101 but did that GP100 feel good. I'll just get some Two Old Goats and go with the smaller grip and be happy--or maybe I'll just get both. Yelp, I need to get out of town before I drive down to Kemah to look at that sailboat.

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