Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sam Houston Race Track

Well, another new adventure. I went to a quarter horse race in Shiner many years ago and a dog track in Colorado Springs many years before that so tonight’s visit to the Sam Houston Race Track was not an usual outing. One of the members of the Northwest Houston Photo Club is temporarily doing computer work for the track and he was able to secure a number of free passes—hey, you think I’d pay twenty bucks to get in. With me it free or not at all.

It was interesting but the photo ops were mostly guard railing. I did get a few shots of people in the winner’s circle which are acceptable but I really only got one shot that I truly like. I just wish more, okay, some of the horse had been visible. A few times it was obvious that the owner of the horse and the jockey were being photographed after they had already taken the horse away. However, I never figured out who all the other people were that were allowed in the circle. Sure made it difficult to get anything very interesting Anyway, here’s my shot of the night.

Here is another shot of the same horse and jockey as they approached the finish line. When I first photographed him I wasn't sure the word on his leg was EAT but here it clearly is. I think it must have said, "MY DUST" on the other leg.

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