Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Hat

Taking on a new hat. I accepted the job of being the Website manager for the Northwest Houston Photo Club. I contend they only asked me because I have bellyached (cleaned that one up) about the club's web presence for the past four years and they think this will shut me up. Sometimes it is best not to get what you wished for and this may be one of those cases.

At the executive meeting there was a discussion about making the club a Meet Up group. This could be very good but it will also be very interesting combining a brick and mortar with an online community. The club prides itself in not being a camera club but rather a dinner club that takes photographs. That grates on me just a little but I will go along with it--choosing a place to meet and eat is always a high priority on any club activity. I traditionally have not attended the after club dinners. I had Janet to take care of and that was more important. However, lately I have attended a couple. And at the dinner after the meeting last Tuesday I pursued the Meet Up idea and got the nod from the powers that be so I spent Wednesday setting up the Meet Up site. It is now up, running and ready for members. I have asked for feedback from the hierarchy but not got a lot of response so far--maybe they are just giving me enough rope to hang myself--again, maybe not a good idea. LOL

It is not going to do the club any good if they discuss Meet Ups on Reflector (that's the Yahoo group that the club has used to communicate in the past.) I have been told by past webmasters that the reason the website has always been a disaster is a lack of participation and cooperation from the membership. I did not doubt that. I guess I am going to have to dig back in my history to the late 1980's and do what I did then--kick butt and pull hair. It's going to be like taking on L H Kelly all over again. They didn't like it then when I put the quietus on using the company vehicles for their Friday afternoon beer runs and I doubt that this is going to be any more pleasant. A few things got thrown around in the warehouse, terminated the warehouse manager and a driver and you know, everyone else straightened up. Good times to remenise about. You know, I've been a little too busy to think much about those days but now that I mention it--I'm kinda missing it. This may be more fun than I thought and just may be a chance to bring out a side of me that I haven't seen in a long, long time. I kinda like the yellow but I'm just not sure it's my color. Whatja think? I think I'll call it gold and go with it.

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