Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have to share this. After the memorial service I went to lunch with Mary Lynn Boyd and her daughter Lynnie. Mary is the widow of a dear friend from the Marine Corp days, David Boyd. Two years ago, when David was coming to Houston for treatment at M D Anderson we would get together, drive around Houston and do an awful lot of talking. On his last trip we stopped in Cleburne’s Cafateria on Buffalo Speedway. David loved the food so Mary and I decided to go to Cleburne’s for lunch to remember David and Janet.

When Janet and I lived in Montrose we would often go to Cleburne’s for lunch. She always said that it was having lunch with the Geritol for Lunch Bunch because most of the people you would see there were, at the time, considerably older than we were. [side note: Janet actually said, "Hadicol for Lunch Bunch," but I doubt that anyone anymore knows what Hadicol was. Actually it was mostly alcohol and eventually got replaced with Geritol which has now probably been replaced with something else. When I get old I will give it a try and let you know what that is.]

As is usual when I eat, I get almost as much on me as in me and true to form I dropped a piece of fish covered in tartar sauce. Made a lovely dribble all down my new tie. Have you seen what they charge for ties now days? Oh, boy! I've purchased a whole set of store bought Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes for less than that.

Considering the fact that the very last time I went out to purchase a new coordinated outfit was when we married thirty-five years ago, Janet was not accustomed to seeing me all duded up. So, my very first thought I had after looking at my tie was that I should have done that before the memorial service so that Janet would have been able to recognize me.


  1. Well, in Texas vernacular, you dude up pretty good. Sorry about the tie...

  2. Thank you Jan. You wouldn't believe how many tries it took Men's Warehouse!