Thursday, November 11, 2010

Janet Comes Home

Yesterday was a rough day. The funeral home called and I went to pick up Janet’s ashes. Fortunately I had a couple of things planned for later in the day.

I may have told this before but I’m telling it again. I was thinking about a metal urn. Knowing how clumsy I am I didn’t want something that would break. When I walked into the selection room the first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful wooden birdseye mable container so I quickly discarded the thoughts of a metal container. However, it was fairly ornate with puffed out sides and a black lacquered lid. Sitting off to the side was a simple wooden cube. I knew immediately that it was Janet.

As I said in the eulogy, Janet was not a person that needed adornment. She seldom wore jewelry and almost never wore makeup. Janet was simply Janet. The plain wooden cube I knew was what she would prefer because it will always remind me to keep it simple, not to complicate life, which was one of the most important things about life that I learned from Janet.

The photo is the one used at her memorial service and the dog is the last gift that anyone gave to Janet. She got so little from this world and asked for even less. But let me tell you about ambrosia—it puts on the pounds. That box weighs a lot more than I ever expected.

Yesterday was a rough day.

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