Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Portraits for the 100 Stranger Project

Clutch City Convenience Store on Leeland just off Dowling Street

Dowling side of the liquor store on the corner of Dowling and Leeland
Vickie, convenience store clerk
 As I mentioned in a previous post, I did a photograph of an employee of the Calliope Poor Boy Shop while I was at the Rock Star photoshoot last weekend. I promised Michael that I would bring him a copy of the photograph so today I stopped by CVS Parmacy and had an 8x10 printed. Janet and I drove over to deliver it this afternoon.

On the way over, I noticed this very brightly painted store on the corner of Dowling and Leeland. After delivering the print to Michael, well I left it with the girl at the counter since Michael was not in, I drove back by the brightly painted store. It was really a combination of two stores, a liquor store and a very small convenience store. I decided to go in an purchase something cold to drink but the door to the convenience store was locked. Thinking that maybe the two were connected I went into the liquor store. Turns out the clerk from the convenience store was there so she opened up for me.

Long story short, while in the liquor store I got permission to photograph the building. After I purchased a couple of bottles of Gatorade I asked the clerk in the convenience store if she would sit for a portrait. She said yes. I went back to the liquor store and asked the clerk there to sit for a portrait and she also said yes so I added two photographs to my 100 Strangers project. I will have 8x10’s made and take them back to the clerks in the next few days. 
J (for short), liquor store clerk

I am really pleased that I decided to go in to make a purchase. Both young ladies were very pleasant and congenial. I have been amazed on my recent trips to the East Side at how friendly the people are. It very much reminds me of life back in Burkburnett when I was young and people always tipped a hat, nodded or addressed the people they met on the street. Someplace there seems to be a world that is more pleasant that the one that I seem to find myself in most of the time.
So far, no one that I have sought permission from and no one that I have asked to sit for a portrait has refused.

I have a few more photographs from the trip today that when processed I will add a post. In it I will mention another reason that I will be spending time on the East Side when ever I can.

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