Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stalled Out

Running behind on posting again—well not much has happened to inspire a post lately. I still have not gotten back to the East Side to deliver the prints or shoot more photographs. Nor have I gotten back to the Urban Bicycle Gallery with a tripod. Our current sleeping arrangement where I go to bed between midnight and 4am, get up at 7 to fix Janet’s breakfast and put her to bed between 8 and 10 really cuts into my days. She sleeps until 4pm and really doesn’t wake up until around 8 when we go out to eat. I don’t mind sneaking off for an hour or two while she is asleep but that’s not enough time to do either project.

That leaves only one exciting event—I got the fifteen 16x20 prints for the portfolio challenge and I am very pleased, more than I thought I would be. This is very much out of character for me to be this prepared almost three months in advance. I did have to send a redo on the “poster” but it was my fault not Mpix’s and it is already on the way back to me. Worked out well, I was able to reorder the poster on the last day of the 25% discount.

I am now putting the finishing touches on the book, going through it for anything that needs to be corrected and debating if it is going to be a image wrap or have a dust jacket. I like the idea of the dust jacket but then I would need to sweet-talk someone into writing a blurb about how great I am for the flap. They wouldn’t have to say much, just something about how good looking I am going to be when and if I ever get my dentures, or how I am taller than most other people. Or it could just be something they made up. Then I’d need a headshot to replace the photograph of my pajamas for the flap so I’ll probably go with the image wrap.


  1. Great news on the mpix prints - and 25% off - you can't beat that!! You are really ahead of the game with this years portfolio challenge. I don't know who is heading it up this year, but you really should volunteer to do it next year. And I still believe your previous portfolio challenge (random) should be hung in a gallery somewhere. Did you ever take my advice to take them to some galleries?

    As far as image wrap or dust jacket, I'm sure either would be nice but one thing I would (personally) consider is how each will wear and what it will look like a year, 5 years or 10 years from now. I'm just practical enough to think about how something is going to wear. Only a woman!!

  2. You are right. In the long term the dust cover is going to get ratty so I am going with Image Wrap. I don't like dust covers because they are a pain when you are trying to look at the book, just thought they looked more professional. But Blurb is not like most books which have the title printed on the hard cover so if the dust cover goes so does the title.

  3. I really enjoyed your photos and your attention to dear Janet. Good luck with all you do.