Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aunt Bea's Again


We went back to Aunt Bea’s for my dinner, Janet’s breakfast. I did a number of photographs and in post processing changed the white balance to standard fluorescent warm white 3000k. I really like the effect. As we were leaving I noticed that the sign was lighted. Didn’t turn out bad for a handheld night shot. I had been waiting for that to do a shot of the front of the restaurant for use in the yearly journal.

Tonight is the Houston Photography Meetup and the assignment is Movement. I didn’t get out and shoot the assignment so I am going to show photographs that are forty years old—hope they don’t kick me out. LOL


  1. Gary, I'm not sure exactly why but these are some of my favorites of Janet that I have seen in a very long time. I think it is partially due to the clothing she has on and maybe to her body language, but she just looks so sweet and vulnerable in these two shots.

    As far as you, why, I can barely recognize you!!! HA But then you wouldn't recognize me if I showed you photos of myself that were made 40 years ago either. They are actually very neat images (love the colors and sense of motion) and if there is no time limitation, then you should do very well! Let us know...

  2. Jan, thank you. I am plesed with these shots of Janet also. As usual she went to sleep as soon as I got her in the car. People in the restaurant were looking at her very concerned because she just flopped over on the table like a drunk. As soon as the coffee got there she was ready to wake up.

    The bottom photographs are not me, but a co-worker in the camera store in Wichita Falls. They went over very well at the meeting tonight. It's getting very difficult because every month I have got to come up with something to keep up with the previous months. In August it is going to be an equipment show and tell thank goodness.