Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finger Foods

Went to a new restaurant last night for dinner, a seafood house. Don’t know the name but it was Golden something or other. Not any place I would have gone except it was recommended by a neighbor lady and the fact that Janet loves shrimp. I can’t stand shrimp but I do like oysters so I thought I could tolerate it.

I ordered Janet fried catfish and I got a shrimp and oyster platter. I figured I could eat part of the catfish, give her my shrimp and we would both be happy. After about the second or third shrimp, Janet thought I wasn’t going fast enough so she reached over, picked up one and started chewing away. She seemed to enjoy feeding herself so I removed the tails and let her go at it. Decorum be damned, I gave her an oyster. She seemed to enjoy it so much that she ended up eating all my shrimp and all but two of my oysters. So I ate catfish. After the first platter she didn’t seem to be anywhere near ready to quit so I ordered another shrimp and oyster platter and asked them to keep everything but the shrimp and oysters. I couldn’t believe it but she ate the whole thing. It was really great to see her enjoying a meal so much (the photo was taken before the food was delivered.)

Marie, the neighbor that recommended the place went along so I had a couple of hours of good conversation and Janet got a meal that she really seemed to enjoy. Have a feeling we will be going back and that I will be looking for more “finger foods” in the future.

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  1. Growing up in northeast Texas, that's what we would have called "hitting the spot!" HAHA