Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Practically Giddy With Excitement

Woodard has finally had it—or will have it shortly anyway. Sleep deprivation does strange things to human reasoning and today, after two years (I think) I went off the deep end.

My last Dell computer, after being a loyal Dell buyer and promoter through seven generations (actually it was only five, two of those I bought for other people), was my last. I started buying Dell because you could get a pristine computer—nothing but an operating system installed. The last two came with more crapware than an HP and it is hard for me to believe that there is such a thing, just IMHO. The last one did not even come with an installation disc although it was noted that you could simply request one after registration and it would promptly be sent to you. When the hard drive failed in less than a year – in twenty years I had never before had a hard drive fail – Dell’s PROMPTLY was several phone calls to a non-800 number and a three week wait only to receive a different version of Windows Vista than I had originally purchased—a lesser version of course. After turning the air blue all the way from Houston to New Delhi the replacement came next day air. It was the first computer that I have ever purchased including my original Commodore 64 that lasted less then three to five years. Within two years a failed hard drive and two power supplies so minus hard drives it went to the curb (my recycling program—it is always picked up by some kid in the neighborhood) and I began a search for a new computer supplier.

When the Dell died that third time I was also in need of a new laptop so I rationalized that I would buy a really nice laptop just to see if it was true that a laptop could replace a desktop—it can’t. But that was two years ago and the desktop that I had intended to purchase within a month or two is still, actually was still, on the waiting list.

I’m old. I can’t see worth a hoot and I am dang tired of shifting my head around trying to get my bloomin’ trifocals to focus on teeny tiny words. After only four hours sleep last night, starting after 4am. I woke up with one gosh awful headache. I downed a couple of Excedrin Extra Strengths (and you thought coffee was the way to go) and logged onto Velocity Micro.

I pulled up the Velosity Micro ProMagix HD60 with a 1TB hard drive (no more spending hours every couple days moving junk to external drives when I get the jeeze you’re about out of HD space message—at least for awhile), would have gotten two but I have a couple externals already so I will use one of them as the second internal (if there is space for more than two that will work also, besides in a year or so I will be able to buy a three or five terabit for the price of a one now), a 2.66mhz quad core Intel processor, 12gb of DDR3-1333 Triple Channel Premium Memory (did you get that 12 a big 12 gigabit memory—I shouldn’t get so giddy because I remember how excited I got when I bought my first computer with a 100mb hard drive and how quickly that became inadequate), a NVIDA GeFource 9800 GT video card, two 20x DVD Dual Layer Burners with LightScribe (I probably should have replaced one of those with blueray), and it’s got two IEEE1394 FireWire Ports—I can use my scanner again!!!, but best of all, best of all—a 26” Widescreen LCD 1920x1200 monitor—I can read again (but I won’t have that as an excuse for all the misspells and grammatical errors, shoot!!! [side note: keep in mind as a comparison to a 26” computer monitor that our only household television set is an ancient 15” analog connected to a converter box in the kitchen and it gets just six channels only one of which is a major network, FOX.]) Just a computer, a monitor and Windows 7 Professional (although I did upgrade my Microsoft Office Small Business because I could do that with the purchase for only a hundred bucks more than buying the current Publisher alone which I had intended to do if I continue the blog magazine. Now I can do PowerPoint again. Hadn’t had that available since Office 98—a long long time ago.)

Yeah, I know, it was the drugs. In my right mind I would never have pushed the GO button. However, with a third mortgage on the house I think I can swing it.

And, no, I do not use the word “giddy,” that’s a take off on a commercial currently running on television—some insurance company I think where everyone that does not have it is in a gopher’s hole being bonked on the head with a humongous mallet. My adult conversations these days are most often between me and the television set. My favorite is the Activia commercial. No matter how many times I have seen it I still crack up every time Jamie Lee Curtis says, “…with Bifidus Regularis.” I don’t have to purchase or ingest Activia—I laugh so hard it makes me regular. Is that still considered taking the Activia Challenge?

ADDENDUM: Did I mention that it's got little blue lights inside? I feel just like Buck Rogers.

ADDENDUM: Delivery date scheduled for February 15th (but that's the computer only, where's the monitor???)

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