Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Many Faces of Janet 2009

I received the 2009 Many Faces of Janet yesterday. This time I went with the premium paper and it makes a world of difference. The only problem is any images with a lot of red in the face are considerably exaggerated. In the future I will apply a little desaturating to such images. As always I wish that I had ordered a paper back as a proof before springing for the image wrap. There are a couple of typos and a few grammatical errors that I could have corrected. And there is one two page spread that I would have zapped. I will still make the corrections and replace the file at Blurb. I tried some new stuff this time since it is now possible to design your own layouts. On some of the last shots of Janet I photographed the material of her hospital gown, a silk blouse and her headscarf to use as backgrounds behind the photographs. Because I could design the templates I used a lot larger images. In all, I am extremely pleased how well it turned out.

Volumne 3, 2009
By Gary Woodard

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  1. Very nicely done, Gary. You have gotten to be a whiz using Blurb. You have also learned a lot that will help the rest of us. I'm working on a book of my grandson's first year right now. I will definitely order a paper book before springing for the big one. I'm glad to know that there is a noticeable difference using the premium paper. Will keep in mind your comments on the reds as well.