Friday, December 11, 2009

Help Portrait Update

Tomorrow is the big day—which has been pared down considerably. I was unable to make the last meeting Tuesday night (Janet has her days and night considerably mixed up which keeps me pretty mixed up.) And I am unable to get an overview or outline of what was discussed. SO, tomorrow morning I will show up at Coffee Groundz at 8am sans equipment. I can assist with lighting / backgrounds / meet and greet / record keeping / packaging / everwhat—I do everwhat best of all. LOL  Not what I had hoped for out of Help Portrait but I'm old enough to sleep by myself and to not expect everything to work out as hoped.

I have got a system worked out for a one person operation but seeing how they are going to handle the organizing of the images coming in from supposedly seventy five different photographers in at least five different location (maybe more) will be very interesting. I just wish the organizers were a little better at communicating but I guess that is a little much to expect from the younger generations. They live in a truncated world very apart from my need for details.

I will post my critique late tomorrow or the next day. If everything goes well and Janet is in good shape I may also try to make the PhotoWalk in the Heights tomorrow night. I have not done much photography this month so I really need to get back to it.

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