Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another One from Last Night

First Effort

Revised Color Scheme

Thought I would share this. It was taken about 1am this morning. I don’t usually do “retouching” or skin smoothing to the photographs of Janet but I needed the practice for the up coming Help Portrait project.

Maybe the secret to success with Janet is keeping her up later. However, as I was trying to finish up the retouching after 3am it was all I could do to keep my eyes open since I did not sleep the night before. I am going to practice retouching on some of the other photographs I took yesterday. I am trying a new to me technique of using a Median Filter on the second layer and on this one I got a little heavy handed on the hair. I’m going to tone that part down in the future.

Thought I would try one as a black and white. This is pretty much a departure from my usual dark photographs. I mean who else would clone out the design on a hospital gown for a portrait?

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