Friday, October 2, 2009


This blog is not about politics (for the most part,) It's about me and I can't resist. I love the headline on Drudge "The Ego Has Landed."

Now maybe we can bill the crupt Chicago fat cats that would have lined their pockets with our tax money for the cost of flying BO and ux plus et al to Copenhagen.

A TKO in the first round, not in the early rounds but in the very, very first round. The main stream media channels are reeling, they are stunned, someone said NO to the supreme megalomaniac with portable teleprompter.

Who says "We Can" now? Apparently the IOC delegates changed it to, “We Can just say NO!” Now maybe the American people will develope a pair.

ADDENDUM: Received this from a friend that read the above post.

Someone on the radio this morning suggested that Drudge got the headline wrong. They seemed to think that the Ego had not landed but rather that the Ego had crashed. They are both wrong. The Ego is so arragont it's like a hot air balloon floating over the fiefdoms. Or like a fart in the wind, it never entirely goes away, it's still there somewhere but just doesn't smell as bad today.

ADDENDUM: October 10th: It appears that Norway has set out to rectify Denmark’s error by awarding BO the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh well, they also gave it to Jimmy Carter and we all know how well he worked out as President.

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