Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Janet

Janet had a rough weekend. Saturday morning she had another seizure which left her practically comatose for the remainder of the day. Sunday she was a little better but still not herself. I had been scheduled to attend a photoshoot with the Houston Photography Meet Up group at Glenwood Cemetery. Thankfully the seizure occurred before I left.

She is much better today so we went out to eat where, as usual, I took photographs of her. I am doing more photographs where I do not use the viewfinder in order to get more unusual angles. The low angle shots are not crisp on the eyes but that is okay. The soft effect is more important than the focus. I really enjoy using the 50mm f/1.4 wide open.

I did get this one photograph of her hand, which looks a little naked. Her wedding band has been such a prominent element in so many of the photographs of Janet that it is difficult to imagine a photograph without it. This may be the first one ever taken. I always take it off when she showers and today I forgot to put it back on before we left the house.

I also worked on photographs for the August assignment on the Discussion blog but I can’t post those until September. Not sure how happy I am with my choice of subjects for the theme but almost too late to make a change now.

I also have one more photograph of Janet that I want to post. It was shot last November but I had not processed it until lately. I like it very much and want to put it on the blog.

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