Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Off Camera Flash Practice

I wanted to play with off camera flash but Janet wasn't in the mood for posing so I shot a lot of photographs of the top of her head. She did make the mistake of looking out the window so I grabbed this one shot that I think came out okay.

I purchased a couple of LumiQuest Soft Box III units and want to try using them very close to the subject, one to two feet away so that the flash becomes the main light and any ambient becomes fill. That way I can controll the darkness of the background with the shutter speed.

I really need to get out to Mercer because I am anxious to try the off camera flash with flowers. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. Gary, this is a very, very nice one of Janet. I love the way you had the background go black. It looks very nice with her hair somewhat highlighted front and side. I also like the pose very much also - even though she may not have been posing for you. :)