Monday, May 4, 2009

Car Repairs Again

Last Thursday evening, Janet and I drove over to Baytown, well actually Beach City with out in the boonies somewhere near Baytown. I had seen a Craig's List post for a 42" 5-in-1 Reflector at a descent price. Sure, by the time I drove to Baytown to pick it up I could have saved money by buying it from B&H, but this gave me a chance to get Janet out of the house for a few hours.

A few days earlier I noticed that the headliner in the Buick was sagging but I didn't pay much attention to it. Thursday was a nice cool evening so we drove with the windows down. I guess the air caught the headliner just right and it all came down. I drove back from Baytown unable to use the rear view mirror. Friday I made an appointment with an upholstery shop, Upholstery by Coleman, on Shepherd and took it in this morning.

The shop was located at 26th Street so I walked up Shepherd four or five block looking for some place to get a cup of coffee with out luck. Then back down Durham to 11the street where I browsed a few stores and got a cold drink at the Burger King. Back up Shepherd to the shop. It took about four hours and I didn't shoot many photos, not nearly as interesting as Yale Street. But I did get a few. I mostly did my usual walls and walks shots along with a few grab shots of things I found interesting.

These four were shot under the 610 overpasses on Shepherd and Durham. I thought the No Dum Cam could translate to No Dumb Cameras so I shot it with my smart camera, the D200. Carried the D200 rather than the D700 so I could use the 18-200 zoom, a really good walk around lens.

I know that I should not make light of the homeless but I couldn't resist thinking of this as a homeless portipottie.

I shot the '57 Ford Fairlane 500 Controvertible outside the upholstery shop. It was getting a new top. Inside they had a bright red '54 Mercury convertible that belonged to Al Foyt also awaiting a new top. I couldn't get any photos but it was a nostalgia trip because the first car I bought was a '53 Mercury two door that was very similar to the '54. I don't often get out by myself, so I sort of look forward to car repairs. BTW, I highly recommend the shop. The work is very professional, can't tell it from the original before it sagged, the service was fast and the price was very reasonable.

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