Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long to 2008

2008 has been quite a year, starting on the beach in Galveston for the sunrise and ending in Galveston on Christmas Day in the fog at sunset. At the beginning there was an almost obsession with World War II airplanes and nearly ending caught up in cemeteries. I have tried many things, succeeded at a few but enjoyed them all. I developed an interest in shooting photographs through the windshield of the car as I drove. I photographed Janet in every fast food franchise except Jack in the Box (JITB got dumped when they changed their advertising from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays). We went through a Hurricane Ike and enjoyed two weeks without air conditioning. We had no good excuse to stay home so I filled the time with shooting photographs

In February I started this blog even though I wasn't sure I would have anything to say. Originally hoping to post once a week and finding out once started I wouldn't shut up so I opened a second blog and for a short period of time a third one. Both the current blogs have worked out much better than my initial expectations.

I participated in my first Portfolio Challenge at the Northwest Houston Photo Club and came away considering the possibility of putting my photographs up for public display and beginning to shoot for the purpose of displaying the photographs. This is a concept that in the past I have rejected for many reasons the least of which was that I did not think my photographs were good enough. They are all personal photographs and I did not believe they had that much appeal to others. It is still a "we'll see" regarding whether or not I carry through with my plans.

I have shot considerably more photographs in 2008 than I have shot in many years. As a result I believe that my photographic technique has improved even though it is still awfully loose

I have only done two books this year, my 2008 Photo Journal and a second volume of The Many Faces of Janet. Actually the Journal ended up being broken into three separate volumes with a total of almost nine hundred pages of photographs, but I consider it a single book. However, more importantly, for the first time I have collaborated on a book. Paul Saltzman and I took three themes, Urban Shadows, Hands and Genre Works and put together a book, which I am very pleased with even though right now I have not finished two of the three assignments. I had hoped to finish before the end of the year

In all, it has been an exceptionally excellent year photographically. I have grown, I have learned, I have explored, and I have dreamed

I have many people to thank, Paul with his continuing patience and mentoring in particular as well as the rest of the actively participating members of the learning blog. Their encouragement has given me an entirely new perspective on my photography. That is greatly appreciated.

As I close out 2008 and look forward with uncertainty to 2009 I am pleased.

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