Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Pretty Nice Day

Studios: I guess that anyone that gets seriously interested in people photography covets a studio space even if it is only an empty garage. I saw one, not a garage, a studio, for rent on Craig's list recently, just $350 a month. Not bad. However, for a buck two ninety eight you can rent a space at Whataburger on an as need basis and have refreshments to boot.

For Jan: Windshield shots in the rain again. Do you know of a twelve step program?


  1. Gary, I believe it's called Dare Devils Anonymous! I love the new one of Janet looking directly into the camera, sipping her drink with her glasses slightly askew. One thing that's nice about your many faces of Janet is that she's so used to seeing your camera pointed her way that she doesn't bother to pose. Posing is what usually ruins people photos. I think that's how you're able to capture so many different expressions of her without any of them looking the least bit contrived. Nice work.

    Actually, I'm quite fond of the second windshield/tail light shot and I do appreciate the fact that at least the light was RED!!!

    I also like all the "layers" on that one - the droplets on the window itself, the wiper beyond it, the rain, the vehicle in front of you, the red light with oncoming headlights beyond. Good job!

  2. Jan, I had to smile. Yes, all of the windshield shots today were done at red lights. I was trying to get the camera to focus on the windshield and the water patterns and it wanted to focus on the cars. Like Janet, it sometimes has a mind of its own.

    Just now, looking at this post I am inspired to do another book, The Whataburger, Wendys, McDonald's and Denny's Portrait Studio Book. I have so many photographs of Janet at these places. Actually prior to Ike we seldom went to a fast food restaurant, except Denny's for eggs, but now I find an excuse to go almost daily. The lighting is similar to using a garage with the door open, which is pretty good portrait light. And you are somewhat correct about Janet and posing or non-posing. However, it may not be because she is so comfortable with having the camera pointed at her. It may have to do more with absolutely refusing to do anything that I ask her to do!!! I have learned to ask her to look to the left when I really want her to look to the right.

    The fast food thing all really started with the NWHPC trip to Old Baylor last August. For a break we stopped at a McDonald's and not knowing what to order I decided on Chocolate Milkshakes. It was so good we both got hooked. For a long time it was just a drive through thing till I discovered how great the lighting was. Now I have to go inside. Of course, it's an addiction just like windshield shots. Which, come to think of it, that also is the result of a camera trip, the second scouting trip for the cemetery shoot at Hempstead. Maybe I should just stop going out of town to photograph. Or maybe I should go more often and get more addictions. Everwhat.