Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Models

Janet and I had a really great day today. The weather was comfortable, overcast and a little gray but very comfortable. We got out of the house for a few hours and I got to do something I greatly enjoyed, talk with Jan about photography and post processing for a couple of hours. Went out to Janet's favorite restaurant, Pappas Seafood and then stopped downtown for a couple of handheld shots of the City Christmas Tree.

I wanted to share this photo of Janet at Pappas. It is a little soft because the lighting was very low and this is hand held. However the biggest problem is that Janet had no concept of the term hold still. She is constantly moving so I shoot rapid fire and hope she pauses at least momentarily.

I also shot two new models today. Neither of which I did real well but they were very interesting and maybe I will get another shot at it on a brighter day. These were shot with Jan's 105mm macro but even at 400ISO were shot wide open so the DOF is extremely shallow and on most shots there was some camera movement or subject movement. These two are about the best of each one.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold and probably raining so I am glad we got the opportunity to get out today when we could really enjoy it.


  1. Gary, I really like all 3 of your models. I guess shooting Janet who does not sit still was good practice for shooting the birds. :)

  2. Jan, hadn't thought about it but you are correct. It did prepare me for the disappointment of all the duds. However, duds are always good because they force you to think about how to do it differently the next time, well, except for Janet when you just have to give in and say this is it. LOL

    Janet and I want to thank you for the gift certificate. It was much more than was necessary. Janet may not remember it tomorrow but she definitely enjoyed dinner last night and for that I am extremely grateful. Please let me know where you may be having problems with the tools we discussed so that we can get you up and running on NX.