Monday, July 28, 2008

Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, Houston

Janet and I drove out to the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery with the intentions of breaking in the Disney Pix camera. While I was there I shot a few with the Nikon just to make sure that the trip was worth while. Actually, there were shots from both that I was pleased with.

I was really looking for flags with the markers but I only found this one. That was okay. With the beer bottle and the red teddy bear it made up for the lack of others. I shot several with flowers and quite a few of the Hemicycle. In all it was a pleasant visit. We had driven past the cemetery hundreds of time but this was the first time we had ever visited. Next time I want to go just after Memorial Day when there will be more flags.

I shot these with the 12-24 and a lot of them while laying on the ground. I am surprised that someone didn't come rushing over to see if I was in trouble. Of course the only trouble was in getting up.

The remainder of the images are posted to Flickr, Veteran's Memorial Cemetery.

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