Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DisneyPix at Veteran's Memoral Cemetery

The images are small, the resolution is minimal, but it feels good to get back to the basics. The DisneyPix is nothing like the first cameras I used. However, it is very reminiscent of the Ansco Memar, the first camera I ever purchased for myself.

The Memar had no rangefinder, no metering, so I always carried charts and guessed distances. I did an awful lot of close up photography using plus diopter lenses and a ruler to measure the distance from the film plane to the subject. Surprisingly there were many successes.

The DisneyPix is a bare bones Memar with the exception of having internal metering and no distance or aperture settings. I was amazed at the first shots I made, the portraits, under mostly just room lighting. But a couple of the photographs taken at the cemetery were even more amazing in their clairity.

It is great to get away from the controls, the quality, the sharpness of using the Nikon and to feel about what is coming out of the camera as I have not in a very long time. No, I'm not going to abandon the Nikon, I carried it to the cemetery also. I do think that everyone that shoots a Nikon, a Canon, or any of the current DSLR camera, should ever once in a while pick up a DisneyPix or similar camera to really see if it is the camera or if they really are a photographer.

Right now I am looking forward to getting the DisneyPix downtown for a session of street photography. I am curious as to how the images compare to camera phones. I have ridiculed people shooting photographs on their telephone and so I may again learn that I am pretty good at eating crow.

Additional DisneyPix photographs can be found on Flickr in the Wonderful World of DisneyPix set.

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