Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Thoughts on Dinner at Denney's

Yesterday my mouse died so I went to Best for a new one.

On the way home we stopped at Denney's for a late dinner. I love but cannot cook eatable eggs. With the new Build You Own Slam I can get four eggs over medium well, pancakes and hashbrowns—ambrosia! Hey, don't knock the idea until you have sampled my cooking.

While waiting I shot several photographs. The one above and a vertical of the same table that I really liked because it included the hanging light. Processed dark it has a lot of ambiance. I don't know why but when I looked at it I wanted to burst out singing, Pattie Page's Is That All There Is.

I looked in the trash bin, all the image files, pictures file—nowhere to be found. Photo gone, so sad but another excuse for eggs.

We usually only eat at Denney's on Tuesday nights after the camera club meetings. That same night there is a group from what I assume is a church group eating there. We always sit at the same table. Yes, I have a table at Denney's, not exactly Tiffany's, but a table. There is a couple from the church group that also has their Tuesday night table.

I have no idea what the woman looks like; she always sits facing the window. My imagination leads me to believe that she is a remarkably beautiful woman. She is always impeccably dressed in dark colors and always with a hat. She is one of these people you see sometimes that immediately conveys graciousness in her every movement. As little as I know about her, I know she is a person I would like.

However, what fascinates me about the couple is not the woman, but the man. He is large, not fat, large, with a large and extremely powerful face. Like his wife his attire is impeccable, dark suit and always a hat which he sits on the chair beside him. I almost embarrass myself because I cannot take my eyes off of him. I have never seen a person with such strong personal charisma. It is impossible for me to guess his age, he could be anywhere from the fifties to the seventies. He absolutely dominates the room. Every ounce of his decorum speaks of his self esteem, strength and dignity. My guess is that he is the pastor from the church group.

One of these days I am going to lose all self-control, put all my insecurities on the line and approach them about a photo session.

I shot some photographs of Janet, but I can't show them. She is going at the Philly Melt like I only feed her once a month. Could it be my cooking?

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