Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Entropy Shot Today

No entropy shot today, so I will share an out take from yesterday along with a story. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about me but as usual I will tell anything especially if it is on me so here we go.

Part of the attraction of the entropy challenge is that it in some ways ties in with my obsession with randomness. Now there is probably a much more high faluten word that describes what I see as randomness but I don’t know it, so it is randomness.

I like the way things devolve. I like the evidence of the process. I like the spontaneity of things that are outside of human conscious control. This is very evident in discarded clothing or just discarded cloth in general. However, clothing has associations that mere cloth does not have. For instance, discarded underwear implies nudity and therefore has a certain zing that a hat would not have.

Back in the seventies during the sexual revolution it was almost impossible not to find discarded underwear almost anywhere you went, especially parks. I had my trepidation about making photographs because mostly it was men’s underwear, women’s was much more scarce. It is not only the implications, it is also the questions. Why? Was there a sexual tryst? If so, why leave behind the underwear? Maybe someone dropped them out of their laundry basket, well not likely in the middle of the park, but could be. There is also the devolution, an object I consider to be fairly private decomposing into the natural surroundings. It was an intriguing subject.

I overcame my trepidation and have several photographs that I enjoy. I tried to handle the photographs more as art or at least as statements rather than objects of titillation. I loved the implications, I loved the questions, I loved the devolutions. Yes, I am sure that says something unsavory about my thinking processes, but that is the way it is.

I had not done any discarded clothing for many years. For one reason it is not as prevalent as it was in the seventies. However, since starting the entropy challenge I have come across and photographed two articles of discarded clothing. The first I did not identify, it may be a pair of men’s knit boxers but I am not sure. It was a somewhat faded pink color, although it could be a very faded red. The other is this photograph of panties.

Both, I think fall within the perimeters of the entropy challenge. Rather than make that decision, I will post the two photographs and let each make up their own mind.

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