Monday, April 14, 2008

Entropy: Downsized from Cubicle to Trash Heap

Janet and I got out fairly early this morning to have breakfast at McDonald’s, I dearly love their sausage, egg and cheese biscuits with orange juice (to make it seem healthful.)

We headed toward the decaying industrial area on the northeast side of downtown because there is always something broken there. I took several shots that I thought would work for the entropy challenge and was excited until I got them on the computer and rejected almost all of them. Settled for the chair found on a pile of yard debris.

This seems to me to be as much a comment on a broken system of thinking as it is about a broken chair. I like the way the severed branches seem to wrap sympathetically around the wooden chair.

The one that I was most excited about, an old Ford Mustang under a green tarp in front of a bright blue building turned out very disappointing. I had to shoot it through a chain-length fence so there are a lot of soft areas but I will post it here as an out take from the trip. This is one pony that appears to have ridden the range its last time.

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