Sunday, March 16, 2008

Second Flight in the B17

I took advantage of Janet’s unused ticket for the B17 flight, this time from Hooks Airport in Spring, Texas. I got there later than I had wanted but I did enjoy the flight. I concentrated mostly on shooting things I realized that I had missed on the first flight.

However, three other members from the Northwest Houston Photo Club, Jerry Klumpp, his wife Darnell and Alan Wilson, arrived in time to find a light fog and beautiful early morning light. They all three got some spectacular photographs. You can find their photographs at the following links: Jerry, Darnell and Alan

Tonight, I will probably cry myself to sleep. Okay, maybe not but I am very disappointed that I lollygagged the morning away.

The top photo is the crew chief, pilot and co-pilot and the small photo is two of the fellows on the same flight with the flight crew: Max, pilot, Dennis, co-pilot and crew chief (missing was the radio operator.) Below is Max getting a shot out the port waist gun window.

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  1. its interesting to me that i get an eerie feeling when I look at the photo taken by the gunners port. Almost as if it is happening. War...not healthy for human consumption.