Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Off Topic: I'm being sued

This is supposed to be about photography, but this was too good not to share.

First off, I had no idea I am as rich as I must be. A Sheriff’s Deputy showed up at the door this morning with an Alias Citation (hey, don’t ask me what that is). I am being sued for failure to repay a loan for a $129,000, 38’ Donzi. Now I like boats but I am strictly a sailor not a motorboater. I thought at first I was being sued for about $170,000 but after careful reading it may be for only $70,000 plus, you know, just pocket change to a Donzi owner.

Just one of the fun things about being listed in a phone book and on

Some years ago I was served a citation to give a deposition regarding an off shore oil well accident. I called the attorney involved and tried to explain that I knew nothing about off shore oil wells but he wasn’t buying. Actually he was pretty condescending and rude. Since the deposition was to be given in Houston I seemed to have no choice but to comply. I took a day off work and reported to, I think the 49th floor, of the Shell Oil Building in downtown Houston. When I got there I found several other’s waiting, I supposed for the same thing, took a seat and made myself comfortable. I made no effort to straighten out the matter until it was my turn to be called in. I wanted to get a good look at the dumb #%@#% that looked my name up in the phone book and let him have a piece of my mind, which I did.

BTW: the day before the hearing, I called the correct Gary D Woodard to let him know that he was being requested to give a deposition just to give him a heads up. He lived over on the other side of Houston.

When I got out of the hearing, almost immediately, all the guys that were waiting got a good laugh because they were all trying to figure out who I was and why I was there since the knew the real Gary D Woodard.

This one seems a little more serious. I just hope I get my chance with the lawyer.

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