Sunday, February 24, 2008

Exciting (for me) Up Coming Event

Last year Paul Saltzman of Bronx, NY and I started the year off with what Paul called a salon. It was more of a portfolio challenge photographing an assigned subject, trees. Paul had suggested the idea and it turned out to be an enjoyable event. I found the time frame of one week a little tight but finally managed to produce some photographs. We have decided to do another salon but on a different subject and with some different rules.

This year we will shoot two portfolios concurrently, one on HANDS and one on URBAN SHADOWS. The timeframe has been extended to two months and no photos are to be posted prior to May 1. The hand in HANDS must be one or both of our own hands and the shadows in URBAN SHADOWS must be something that would not be found in a rural setting. Each portfolio has a limit of six images on a related theme with artist statements. Sounds like fun with a possible Ralph Gibson like twist for both!

I have already developed a number of concepts and I am sure that Paul has also. Paul says it feels good and I am ready to hit the street. So, wish us luck. I will post links to the photographs in May.


  1. Well stated and yes, I have already started on the Portfolio assignment. I am now realizing that maybe two months won't be enough time.

  2. Scrolling through and I've been reading your posts.

    That is a BEAUTIFUL photo!