Sunday, August 14, 2016

Glenwood Cemetery

I did something today that I almost never do any more--did a brief photoshoot by myself. I was helping Paula Powers deliver her images to the VAA juried exhibit and when I finished I was in the vicinity of Glenwood Cemetery. When I had passed earlier the light was interesting as there had been a recent rain and there were still clouds. By the time I got there the clouds had moved on and the light wasn't as interesting but still I wanted to give it a try. Instead of stopping on the west side near the Hill and Dunavant angels I decided to drive over to the east side of the cemetery and I am pleased that I did. The angels are not as impressive but I think I got some worthwhile shots. After all I have been photographing the Hill and Dunavant for what, ten years? It's about time that I tried something different.


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